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cryptest(1) General Commands Manual cryptest(1)


cryptest - Test Driver for Crypto++, a C++ Class Library of Cryptographic Primitives


cryptest [OPTION]


cryptest takes the following options
generate an RSA key
display usage information
encrypt and decrypt a string using RSA
rs privatekeyfile messagefile signaturefile
sign a file using RSA
rv publickeyfile messagefile signaturefile
verify a signature of a file using RSA
m file
calculate MD5, SHA, and RIPEMD-160 message digests
encrypt and decrypt a string using DES-EDE in CBC mode
e|d input output
encrypt or decrypt a file
ss <threshold> <number-of-shares> file
secret share a file (shares will be named file.000, file.001, etc)
sr file share1 share2 [....]
reconstruct a secret-shared file (number of shares given must be equal to threshold)
id <threshold> <number-of-shares> file
information disperse a file (shares will be named file.000, file.001, etc)
ir file share1 share2 [....]
reconstruct an information-dispersed file (number of shares given must be equal to threshold)
z <compression-level> input output
gzip a file
u input output
gunzip a file
ae input output
encrypt a file with AES in CTR mode
e64 input output
base64 encode a file
d64 input output
base64 decode a file
e16 input output
hex encode a file
d16 input output
hex decode a file
ft source-port destination-host destination-port
forward a TCP connection
run the FIPS 140-2 sample application
generate 100000 random files using FIPS Approved X.917 RNG
mt input
run Maurer's randomness test on a file
run validation tests
display version number
b [time for each benchmark in seconds] [frequency of CPU in gigahertz]
run benchmarks
tv filename
run test vector file (available in TestVectors example subdirectory)


This man page was created by Stephen Zander, Pierre Machard and Jens Peter Secher for the Debian distribution. It is licenced under the same terms as the rest of the Crypto++ library, written by Wei Dai.