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gbase(1) Scotch user's manual gbase(1)


gbase - sets the base value of a source graph


gbase [options] bval [igfile] [ogfile]


The gbase program allows one to set to bval the base value of a source graph, that is, the starting index used to number its vertices and edges. The base value can be set to 0 or 1, so that graphs can be easily imported from and/or exported to tools written in C or Fortran. Scotch can handle graphs irrespective of their base value.

When the proper libraries have been included at compile time, gbase can directly handle compressed graphs, both as input and output. A stream is treated as compressed whenever its name is postfixed with a compressed file extension, such as in 'brol.grf.bz2' or '-.gz'. The compression formats which can be supported are the bzip2 format ('.bz2'), the gzip format ('.gz'), and the lzma format ('.lzma').


Display some help.
Display program version and copyright.


Set the base of graph 'brol.grf' to 1, and write the modified graph to file 'brol_b1.grf'.

    $ gbase 1 brol.grf brol_b1.grf


gcv(1), gmk_hy(1), gmk_msh(1), gtst(1), gmap(1), gord(1).

Scotch user's manual.


Francois Pellegrini <>
23 November 2019