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RCVDIST(1mh) [mmh-0.4] RCVDIST(1mh)


rcvdist - asynchronously redistribute new mail


rcvdist [-form formfile] [switches for spost] RECIPIENT... [-Version] [-help]


The rcvdist program will accept a message on its standard input and resend a copy of this message to all of the addresses listed on its command line.

When a message is redistributed with the rcvdist command, the format of the Resent-xxx header fields is controlled by the forms files `rcvdistcomps'. If a file named `rcvdistcomps' exists in the user's mmh directory, it will be used instead of the default one. You may specify an alternate forms file with the switch -form formfile.

The `rcvdistcomps' file uses the format string facility described in mh-format(5). In addition to the standard format escapes, rcvdist also recognizes the following additional component escape:

Escape	Returns	Description
addresses	string	the addresses to distribute to

rcvdist uses the program spost to do the actual delivery of the message.


^/etc/mmh/rcvdistcomps~^Default message skeleton
^or $HOME/.mmh/rcvdistcomps~^Rather than standard message skeleton


rcvpack(1), rcvstore(1), mh-format(5), slocal(1)


Only two return codes are meaningful, others should be.

2019-01-06 MH.6.8