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rmail(8) Maintenance Commands rmail(8)


rmail - handle remote mail received via uucp


/usr/sbin/rmail recipient ...


Rmail is a wrapper around masqmail. It reads a mail message on standard input and passes it to masqmail's standard input. Rmail only removes the first line from the input and constructs the return path from it.

Such a first line:

From user Wed Jan 9 12:43:35 1985 remote from host Date: 9 Jan 1985 8:39 EST

would generate this call to masqmail:

masqmail -i -f user@host --

(If ``'' was the argument to the rmail call.))


Masqmail was written by Oliver Kurth. It is now maintained by Markus Schnalke <>.

You will find the newest version of masqmail at There is also a mailing list, you will find information about it at masqmail's main site.

This man page was written by markus schnalke <>


Address translations from domain!user to user@domain is not done. This rmail program is only very basic. See sendmail for a more sophisticated rmail implementation.

Please report bugs to the mailing list.


2012-01-18 masqmail-0.3.4