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mincore(2) System Calls Manual mincore(2)


mincore - determina que páginas están en memoria


Biblioteca Estándar C (libc, -lc)


#include <sys/mman.h>
int mincore(void addr[.longitud], size_t longitud, unsigned char *vec);

Requisitos de Macros de Prueba de Características para glibc (véase feature_test_macros(7)):


A partir de glibc 2.19:
Anteriores a glibc 2.19:


mincore() returns a vector that indicates whether pages of the calling process's virtual memory are resident in core (RAM), and so will not cause a disk access (page fault) if referenced. The kernel returns residency information about the pages starting at the address addr, and continuing for length bytes.

The addr argument must be a multiple of the system page size. The length argument need not be a multiple of the page size, but since residency information is returned for whole pages, length is effectively rounded up to the next multiple of the page size. One may obtain the page size (PAGE_SIZE) using sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE).

The vec argument must point to an array containing at least (length+PAGE_SIZE-1) / PAGE_SIZE bytes. On return, the least significant bit of each byte will be set if the corresponding page is currently resident in memory, and be clear otherwise. (The settings of the other bits in each byte are undefined; these bits are reserved for possible later use.) Of course the information returned in vec is only a snapshot: pages that are not locked in memory can come and go at any moment, and the contents of vec may already be stale by the time this call returns.


En caso de éxito, mincore() devuelve cero. En caso de error, se devuelve -1, y se define errno con el valor correspondiente.


EAGAIN el núcleo se ha quedado temporalmente sin recursos.

vec apunta a una dirección inválida.
add no es múltiplo del tamaño de página.
length is greater than (TASK_SIZE - addr). (This could occur if a negative value is specified for length, since that value will be interpreted as a large unsigned integer.) In Linux 2.6.11 and earlier, the error EINVAL was returned for this condition.
addr a addr + length contiene memoria sin ubicar.


Presente desde Linux 2.3.99pre1 y glibc 2.2.


mincore() no está definido en POSIX.1 ni está disponible en todas las implementaciones de UNIX.


Before Linux 2.6.21, mincore() did not return correct information for MAP_PRIVATE mappings, or for nonlinear mappings (established using remap_file_pages(2)).


fincore(1), madvise(2), mlock(2), mmap(2), posix_fadvise(2), posix_madvise(3)


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