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memusagestat(1) General Commands Manual memusagestat(1)


memusagestat - generate graphic from memory profiling data


memusagestat [option]... datafile [outfile]


memusagestat creates a PNG file containing a graphical representation of the memory profiling data in the file datafile; that file is generated via the -d (or --data) option of memusage(1).

The red line in the graph shows the heap usage (allocated memory) and the green line shows the stack usage. The x-scale is either the number of memory-handling function calls or (if the -t option is specified) time.


Name of the output file.
Use string as the title inside the output graph.
Use time (rather than number of function calls) as the scale for the X axis.
Also draw a graph of total memory consumption.
Make the output graph size pixels wide.
Make the output graph size pixels high.
-?, --help
Print a help message and exit.
Print a short usage message and exit.
Print version information and exit.


To report bugs, see


See memusage(1).


memusage(1), mtrace(1)

2022-10-30 Linux man-pages 6.03