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MH-CHART(7mh) [mmh-0.4] MH-CHART(7mh)


mh-chart - Chart of mmh Commands


ali [-file aliasfile]... [-list | -nolist] [-normalize | -nonormalize] [-user | -nouser] [-Version] [-help] [aliases ...]

anno [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-text body] [-append] [-date | -nodate] [-preserve | -nopreserve] [-Version] [-help]

anno -delete [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-text body] [-number num | all ] [-preserve | -nopreserve] [-Version] [-help]

anno -list [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-number] [-Version] [-help]

burst [+folder] [msgs] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-Version] [-help]

comp [+folder] [msgs] [-form formfile] [-use | -nouse] [-editor editor] [-whatnowproc program] [-Version] [-help]

dist [+folder] [msgs] [-form formfile] [-annotate | -noannotate] [-editor editor] [-whatnowproc program] [-Version] [-help]

flist [+folder1 [+folder2 ...]] [-sequence name1 [-sequence name2 ...]] [-all | -noall] [-showzero | -noshowzero] [-recurse | -norecurse] [-fast | -nofast] [-alpha | -noalpha] [-Version] [-help]

flists is equivalent to flist -all

folder [+folder] [msg] [-all | -noall] [-create | -nocreate] [-fast | -nofast] [-recurse | -norecurse] [-total | -nototal] [-list | -nolist] [-push | -pop] [-pack | -nopack] [-print] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-Version] [-help]

folders is equivalent to folder -all

forw [+folder] [msgs] [-annotate | -noannotate] [-form formfile] [-editor editor] [-whatnowproc program] [-build] [-Version] [-help]

forw [+folder] [msgs] [-digest list] [-issue number] [-volume number] [other switches for forw] [-Version] [-help]

inc [+folder] [-audit audit-file] [-noaudit] [-changecur | -nochangecur] [-form formfile] [-file name] [-silent | -nosilent] [-truncate | -notruncate] [-width columns] [-Version] [-help]

mark [+folder] [msgs] [-sequence name ...] [-add | -delete] [-list] [-public | -nopublic] [-zero | -nozero] [-Version] [-help]

mhbuild file [-verbose | -noverbose] [-Version] [-help]

mhl [-form formfile] [-width columns] [files ...] [-Version] [-help]

mhlist [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-verbose | -noverbose] [-Version] [-help]

mhsign [-encrypt] [-mime] [-Version] [-help] file

mhpgp [-write] [-Version] [-help] [+folder] [msg]

mmh [-check] [-Version] [-help]

mmhwrap command [options...]

mhmail addrs... [-cc addrs...] [-from addr] [-subject subject] [-bodytext text] [-Version] [-help]

mhparam [components] [-all] [-component | -nocomponent] [-debug] [-Version] [-help]

mhpath [+folder] [msgs] [-Version] [-help]

mhstore [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-auto | -noauto] [-Version] [-help]

new [sequences] [-mode mode] [-folders foldersfile] [-Version] [-help]

fnext is equivalent to new -mode fnext

fprev is equivalent to new -mode fprev

unseen is equivalent to new -mode unseen

packf [+folder] [msgs] [-Version] [-help]

pick [+folder] [msgs] [-and ...] [-or ...] [-not ...] [-lbrace ... -rbrace] [--component pattern] [-cc pattern] [-date pattern] [-from pattern] [-search pattern] [-subject pattern] [-to pattern] [-after date] [-before date] [-datefield field] [-format formatfile] [-width columns] [-thread [+folder]messages|files] [-file mboxfilename] [-sequence name ...] [-public | -nopublic] [-zero | -nozero] [-list | -nolist] [-Version] [-help]

scan is equivalent to pick -format scan.default

prompter [-prepend | -noprepend] [-rapid | -norapid] [-body | -nobody] file [-Version] [-help]

rcvdist [-form formfile] [switches for spost] RECIPIENT... [-Version] [-help]

rcvpack [file] [-Version] [-help]

rcvstore [+folder] [-create | -nocreate] [-unseen | -nounseen] [-zero | -nozero] [-sequence name ...] [-public | -nopublic] [-Version] [-help]

refile [msgs] [-link | -nolink] [-src +folder] [-file file] +folder1 ... [-Version] [-help]

repl [+folder] [msgs] [-annotate | -noannotate] [-group | -nogroup] [-cc all/to/cc/me] [-nocc all/to/cc/me] [-query | -noquery] [-form formfile] [-filter filterfile | -nofilter] [-mime | -nomime] [-editor editor] [-whatnowproc program] [-build] [-file msgfile] [-Version] [-help]

rmf [+folder] [-interactive | -nointeractive] [-Version] [-help]

rmm [+folder] [msgs] [-unlink | -nounlink] [-Version] [-help]

send [+folder] [msgs] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-Version] [-help]

sendfiles recipient subject file...

show [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-form formfile] [-Version] [-help]

next is equivalent to show n

prev is equivalent to show p

slocal [address info sender] [-addr address] [-info data] [-sender sender] [-user username] [-mailbox mbox] [-file file] [-maildelivery deliveryfile] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-debug] [-Version] [-help]

sortm [+folder] [msgs] [-datefield field] [-textfield field] [-notextfield] [-limit days] [-nolimit] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-Version] [-help]

whatnow [-editor editor] [-prompt string] [file] [-Version] [-help]

whom [-tocc | -notocc] [-dcc | -nodcc] [-bcc | -nobcc] [-alias | -noalias] [-Version] [-help] file...

whatnow [command |-Version] |-help]

spost [-verbose | -noverbose] file [-Version] [-help]

/usr/lib/mmh/ap [-form formatfile] [-normalize | -nonormalize] [-Version] [-help] addrs ...

/usr/lib/mmh/dp [-form formatfile] [-Version] [-help] dates ...

/usr/lib/mmh/fmtdump [-form formatfile] [-Version] [-help]



2019-01-06 MH.6.8