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WHATNOW(1mh) [mmh-0.4] WHATNOW(1mh)


whatnow - prompting front-end for sending messages


whatnow [-editor editor] [-prompt string] [file] [-Version] [-help]


Whatnow is the default program that queries the user about the disposition of a composed draft. It is normally automatically invoked by one of the mmh commands comp, dist, forw, or repl after the initial edit.

When started, the editor is started on the draft (unless the -editor switch with an empty string argument is given, in which case the initial edit is suppressed). Then, whatnow repetitively prompts the user with `What now?' and awaits a response. The valid responses are:

re-edit using the same editor that was used on the preceding round unless a profile entry `<lasteditor>-next: <editor>' names an alternate editor
edit <editor>
invoke <editor> for further editing
list the draft on the terminal
list the message being distributed/replied-to on the terminal
list the recipients of the message
send the message
refile the draft into the given folder
delete the draft and exit
preserve the draft and exit
use the directory when interpreting attachment file names
print the working directory for attachment files
list files in the attachment working directory using the ls command
add the named files to the draft as MIME attachments
list the MIME attachments
remove MIME attachments by number

When entering your response, you need only type enough characters to uniquely identify the response.

For the edit response, any valid switch to the editor is valid.

For the send response, any valid switch to send(1) is valid.

For the refile response, any valid switch to refile is valid.

See mh-profile(5) for further information about how editors are used by mmh. It also discusses how environment variables can be used to direct whatnow's actions in complex ways.

If the initial edit fails, no new draft is created, but any existing re-used draft is preserved. Failures of later edits are ignored and another prompt is printed.

The -prompt string switch sets the prompting string for whatnow.

Consult the mh-draft(7) man page for more information.


^$HOME/.mmh/profile~^The user profile
^+drafts~^The draft folder


^Path:~^To determine the user's mail storage
^Draft-Folder:~^To set the default draft-folder
^Editor:~^To override the default editor
^<lasteditor>-next:~^To name an editor to be used after exit
^~^from <lasteditor>
^listproc:~^Program to list the contents of a message


send(1), whatnow2(1)


`-prompt' defaults to `What Now? '


whatnow is deprecated an will be removed in the next release. Consider switching to whatnow2(1).



2019-01-06 MH.6.8