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ESBUILD(1) esbuild Manual ESBUILD(1)


esbuild - an extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier


esbuild [options] [entry points]


esbuild is a JavaScript bundler and minifier. It packages up JavaScript and TypeScript code for distribution on the web.

Why build another JavaScript build tool? The current build tools for the web are at least an order of magnitude slower than they should be. It is hoped that this project serves as an “existence proof” that JavaScript tooling can be much, much faster.


Bundle all dependencies into the output files
Substitute K with V while parsing
Exclude module M from the bundle
Output format (iife | cjs | esm, no default when not bundling, otherwise default is iife when platform is browser and cjs when platform is node)
The name of the global for the IIFE format
What to use instead of React.createElement
What to use instead of React.Fragment
Use loader L to load file extension X, where L is one of: js | jsx | ts | tsx | json | text | base64 | file | dataurl | binary
Sets all --minify-* flags
Remove whitespace
Shorten identifiers
Use equivalent but shorter syntax
The output directory (for multiple entry points)
The output file (for one entry point)
Platform target (browser | node | neutral, default browser)
Start a local HTTP server on this host:port for outputs
Emit a source map
Enable code splitting (currently only for esm)
Print some helpful information at the end of a build
Environment target (e.g. es2017, chrome58, firefox57, safari11, edge16, node10, default esnext)
Watch mode: rebuild on file system changes


Text to be prepended to each output file
Do not escape UTF-8 code points
Force use of color terminal escapes (true | false)
Maximum error count or 0 to disable (default 10)
Text to be appended to each output file
Import the file F into all input files and automatically replace matching globals with imports
Preserve “name” on functions and classes
Disable logging (info | warning | error | silent, default info)
Override the main file order in package.json (default “browser,module,main” when platform is browser and “main,module” when platform is node)
Write metadata about the build to a JSON file
Use a custom output extension instead of “.js”
The base path used to determine entry point output paths (for multiple entry points)
Set the base URL for the “file” loader
Mark the name N as a pure function for tree shaking
A comma-separated list of implicit extensions (default “.tsx,.ts,.jsx,.mjs,.cjs,.js,.css,.json”)
Set the source file for the source map (for stdin)
Do not link to the source map with a comment
Emit the source map with an inline data URL
Omit “sourcesContent” in generated source maps
Set to “ignore-annotations” to work with packages
Use this tsconfig.json file instead of other ones
Print the current version (0.8.39) and exit


esbuild --bundle entry_point.js --outdir=dist --minify --sourcemap
# Produces dist/entry_point.js and dist/
esbuild --bundle entry_point.js --outfile=out.js --loader:.js=jsx
# Allow JSX syntax in .js files
esbuild example.js --outfile=out.js --define:RELEASE=true
# Substitute the identifier RELEASE for the literal true
esbuild --minify --loader=ts < input.ts > output.js
# Provide input via stdin, get output via stdout


esbuild is written by Evan Wallace.

This manual page is prepared for Debian by Anthony Fok using information from upstream and output of esbuild --help.


Copyright © 2020 Evan Wallace
License: MIT (Expat)




2021-02-01 esbuild 0.8.39