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NVRAM(8) Linux on Power Service Tools NVRAM(8)


nvram - format data stored in non-volatile RAM


/usr/sbin/nvram [ options ]


Nvram is used to print and modify data stored in the non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) on a PowerPC-64 system. NVRAM on these systems is partitioned into data sections that each have their own format. The print options to this command selects what to print and how to format it.

The nvram utility can also be used to update the data in certain NVRAM partitions of PowerPC-64 systems. Nvram can update the value of a name/value pair for NVRAM partitions formatted as a set of name=value pairs. On many systems, the following NVRAM partitions contain data formatted as name=value pairs: common, of-config, and ibm,setupcfg.


print value of a config variable, or print all variables in the specified (or all) partitions.
--update-config name=value
update the config variable in the specified partition; the -p option must also be specified..
-p partition
specify a partition; required with the --update-config option, optional with the --print-config option.
print vital product data (VPD) collected by the system in NVRAM. This data may also be viewed with the lscfg(1) command directly from the devices.
print viral product data (VPD) collected by the system in NVRAM including vendor specific data.
print the checkstop error log generated by the service processor whenever the system checkstops.
print the event scan log stored in NVRAM.
print the contents of all the NVRAM partition headers.
--nvram-file path
read nvram data from a given file rather than /dev/nvram. To capture NVRAM for later use, simply copy /dev/nvram into a file.
--verbose (-v)
be more verbose.
print usage information including other low level options useful for debugging nvram.




Writtem by Todd Inglett, Nathan Fontenot, and Michael Strosaker
May 2004 Linux