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RTAS_DUMP(8) Linux on Power Service Tools RTAS_DUMP(8)


rtas_dump - dump the contents of an RTAS event.


/usr/sbin/rtas_dump [ options ]


The rtas_dump icommand is used to dump the contents of an RTAS event into a human readable form. The tool is able to parse the contents of /var/log/messages, /var/log/platform and /var/log/boot.msg to extract dump the contents of RTAS events. RTAS events can also be read in from a specified file or stdin. The real work of de-coding RTAS events is handled by /usr/sbin/rtas_event_decode, the rtas_dump command simply parses the input and files and passes on the data to rtas_event_decode.


debug flag, passed through to rtas_event_decode
-f file
dump the RTAS event(s) from file
print the usage message and exit
-n num
Only dump RTAS event number num
dump the entire contents of the RTAS event(s), not just the header
set the output character width


Nathan Fontenot <>
May 2005 Linux