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SYS_IDENT(8) Linux on Power Service Tools SYS_IDENT(8)


sys_ident - generate unique identification numbers


/usr/sbin/sys_ident -s
/usr/sbin/sys_ident -p


The sys_ident utility implements algorithms for generating identification numbers that are uniqe to each system. These numbers are generated with the same algorithm as the numbers generated by uname -f on AIX.

When invoked with the -s option, a 64-bit identification number will be printed (as a 16-character hexadecimal number). The number will also be unique for each partition on a partitioned system.

When invoked with the -p option, a 32-bit processor serial number will be printed (as an 8-character hexadecimal number).


Generate a unique system/partition identification 64-bit number
Generate the processor serial number

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