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vanguards(1) User Commands vanguards(1)


vanguards - Additional protections for Tor onion services


vanguards [-h] [--state STATE_FILE] [--generate_config WRITE_FILE] [--loglevel LOGLEVEL] [--logfile LOGFILE] [--config CONFIG_FILE] [--control_ip CONTROL_IP] [--control_port CONTROL_PORT] [--control_socket CONTROL_SOCKET] [--control_pass CONTROL_PASS] [--disable_bandguards] [--disable_rendguard] [--enable_cbtverify]


Connect to a Tor process via its control port to manage additional protections for onion services.
-h, --help
show help message and exit
--state STATE_FILE
File to store vanguard state
--generate_config WRITE_FILE
Write config to a file after applying command args
--loglevel LOGLEVEL
Log verbosity (DEBUG, INFO, NOTICE, WARN, or ERROR)
--logfile LOGFILE
Log to LOGFILE instead of stdout
--config CONFIG_FILE
Location of config file with more advanced settings
--control_ip CONTROL_IP
The IP address of the Tor Control Port to connect to (default:
--control_port CONTROL_PORT
The Tor Control Port to connect to (default: 9051)
--control_socket CONTROL_SOCKET
The Tor Control Socket path to connect to
--control_pass CONTROL_PASS
The Tor Control Port password (optional)
--retry_limit RETRY_LIMIT
Reconnect attempt limit on failure (default: Infinite)
Set and write layer2 and layer3 guards to torrc and exit.
Disable setting any layer2 and layer3 guards.
Disable circuit side channel checks (may help performance)
Disable rendezvous misuse checks (may help performance)
Enable Circuit Build Time monitoring



July 2018 vanguards