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Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Australia(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Australia(3pm)


Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Australia - Fetch Australian stock quotes via Yahoo.


    use Finance::Quote;
    my $q = Finance::Quote->new;

    my %info = $q->fetch("yahoo_australia","BHP"); # Use this module only.
    my %info = $q->fetch("australia","BHP"); # Failover with other methods.


This module allows information to be fetched from Yahoo abouts stocks traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. Information about indexes (such as the All Ordinaries) are not available through this module, although if information is requested from the "australia" source then these will automatically failover to direct queries from the Australian Stock Exchange.

This module is loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object, although it can be explicitly loaded by passing the argument "Yahoo::Australia" to Finance::Quote->new().

This module provides both the "australia" and "yahoo_australia" fetch methods. You should use the "australia" method if you wish to allow failovers to other sources, and "yahoo_australia" if you only want to obtain quotes from this module.

Information obtained via this module is governed by Yahoo's terms and conditions, see for more details.


This module returns all the standard labels (where available) provided by Yahoo, as well as the currency label. See Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base for more information.


Yahoo Australia,


2017-11-24 perl v5.26.1