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SD_BUS_MESSAGE_SEAL(3) sd_bus_message_seal SD_BUS_MESSAGE_SEAL(3)


sd_bus_message_seal - Prepare a D-Bus message for transmission


#include <elogind/sd-bus.h>

int sd_bus_message_seal(sd_bus_message *m, uint64_t cookie, uint64_t timeout_usec);


sd_bus_message_seal() finishes the message m and prepares it for transmission using sd_bus_send(3). cookie specifies the identifier used to match the message reply to its corresponding request. timeout_usec specifies the maximum time in microseconds to wait for a reply to arrive.

Note that in most scenarios, it's not necessary to call this function directly. sd_bus_call(3), sd_bus_call_async(3) and sd_bus_send(3) will seal any given messages if they have not been sealed yet.


On success, this function returns a non-negative integer. On failure, it returns a negative errno-style error code.


Returned errors may indicate the following problems:


The m parameter is NULL.


The D-Bus message m has open containers.


The D-Bus message m is a reply but its type signature does not match the return type signature of its corresponding member in the object vtable.


These APIs are implemented as a shared library, which can be compiled and linked to with the libelogind pkg-config(1) file.


elogind(1), sd-bus(3), sd_bus_call(3), sd_bus_call_async(3), sd_bus_send(3)

elogind 246.9.1