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RULI(1) General Commands Manual RULI(1)


srvsearch, sync_srvsearch, smtpsearch, sync_smtpsearch, httpsearch, sync_httpsearch, ruli-getaddrinfo, getaddrinfo
- Sample programs for RULI Library (RFC 2782)


echo | getaddrinfo
echo | ruli-getaddrinfo [ options ]
echo | srvsearch [ options ]
echo | sync_srvsearch [ options ]
echo | smtpsearch [ options ]
echo | sync_smtpsearch [ options ]
echo | httpsearch [ options ]
echo | sync_httpsearch [ options ]


This manual page documents briefly sample programs for the ruli(3) library.

ruli is a library aimed at querying DNS SRV resource records.


Use the resolver search list defined in ´/etc/resolv.conf´.
Require RA (Recursion Available) bit in the name server answer.
Don´t fetch IPv4 addresses.
Don´t fetch IPv6 addresses.
Assume the specified default port was forced by the user-supplied URI.
Don´t search addresses missing from the name server answer.
Don´t launch fallback queries for addresses, if the SRV query fails.
Don´t sort the address list to give preference to IPv6 addresses.
Enable RFC3484 destination address selection rules.
Allow CNAME in SRV targets.


echo | getaddrinfo
echo | ruli-getaddrinfo rfc3484
echo | srvsearch search
echo | sync_srvsearch search noinet6
echo | smtpsearch noinet
echo | sync_smtpsearch nowalk nofall
echo | httpsearch noinet6
echo | sync_httpsearch 80




This manual page was written by Everton da Silva Marques <>.

September 1, 2005