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MAKECHS(1) General Commands Manual MAKECHS(1)


makechs - A program that can be used to create additional translation tables for use by JamNNTPd.


makechs <fromchrs> <destchrs> <frommap> [<destmap>]


The *.chs files in the "xlat" and "unicode/xlat" directories are character set translation tables in the GoldED+ format. The files were created from mappings files found at this URL:
Fallback sequences for characters that do not exist in the target charset were taken from Markus Kuhn's transliteration tables found at the URL below:
If you want to create additional translation tables, you can easily do so using this utility.


A summary of options is included below:
The fidonet name of the charset you want to convert from.
The fidonet name of the charset you want to convert to.
The Unicode mappings file for the source charset.
The Unicode mappings file for the destination charset. If you don't supply a mappings file, makechs will instead create a chs file that converts the source charset to utf-8.
The output of makechs is written to the console and needs to be redirected to the desired file.




makechs was written by Johan Billing <>.

This manual page was written by Robert James Clay <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

May 18, 2013