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CGI::Test::Form::Group(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Test::Form::Group(3pm)


CGI::Test::Form::Group - Records groups of box-type widgets


 # $form is a CGI::Test::Form object

 use CGI::Test;

 my $rgroup = $form->radio_groups;
 ok 1, defined $rgroup;

 my @title = $rgroup->widgets_in("title");
 my ($mister) = grep { $_->value eq "Mr" } @title;
 ok 2, $mister->is_checked;


This class is a container for box-type widgets, i.e. radio buttons and checkboxes, which may be groupped by name.

It can be queried to easily retrieve widgets belonging to a group, or to get all the group names.

It is also used internally by "CGI::Test" to keep track of associated radio buttons, so that checking one automatically unchecks the others in the same group.


The following features are available:
"is_groupname" name
Checks whether name is the name of a group.
Returns a list of group names, in random order.
"widget_count" groupname
Returns amount of widgets held in groupname, 0 if none.
"widgets_in" groupname
Returns a list of all the widgets in the given groupname. If the name is not a valid group name, the list will be empty.


The original author is Raphael Manfredi.

Steven Hilton was long time maintainer of this module.

Current maintainer is Alexander Tokarev <>.


CGI::Test::Form(3), CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box(3).
2021-01-08 perl v5.32.0