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hal_param_new(3hal) HAL hal_param_new(3hal)


hal_param_new - creates a HAL parameter


int hal_param_bit_new(const char *name, hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_bit_t * data_addr, int comp_id)

int hal_param_float_new(const char *name, hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_float_t * data_addr, int comp_id)

int hal_param_u32_new(const char *name, hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_u32_t * data_addr, int comp_id)

int hal_param_s32_new(const char *name, hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_s32_t * data_addr, int comp_id)

int hal_param_bit_newf(hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_bit_t * data_addr, int comp_id, const char *fmt, ...)

int hal_param_float_newf(hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_float_t * data_addr, int comp_id, const char *fmt, ...)

int hal_param_u32_newf(hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_u32_t * data_addr, int comp_id, const char *fmt, ...)

int hal_param_s32_newf(hal_param_dir_t dir, hal_s32_t * data_addr, int comp_id, const char *fmt, ...)

int hal_param_new(const char *name, hal_type_t type, hal_param_dir_t dir, void *data_addr, int comp_id)


The name to give to the created parameter
The direction of the parameter, from the viewpoint of the component. It may be one of HAL_RO, or HAL_RW A component may assign a value to any parameter, but other programs (such as halcmd) may only assign a value to a parameter that is HAL_RW.
The address of the data, which must lie within memory allocated by hal_malloc.
A HAL component identifier returned by an earlier call to hal_init.
A printf-style format string and arguments
The type of the parameter, as specified in hal_type_t(3hal).


The hal_param_new family of functions create a new param object.

There are functions for each of the data types that the HAL supports. Pins may only be linked to signals of the same type.


Returns a HAL status code.



2006-10-12 LinuxCNC Documentation