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rtapi_is(3rtapi) RTAPI rtapi_is(3rtapi)


rtapi_is - details of rtapi configuration


int rtapi_is_kernelspace()

int rtapi_is_realtime()


rtapi_is_kernelspace() returns nonzero when rtapi modules run in kernel space (e.g., under RTAI) and zero when they run in userspace (e.g., under uspace).

rtapi_is_realtime() returns nonzero when capable of running with realtime guarantees. For rtai, this always returns nonzero (but actually loading realtime modules will fail if not running under the appropriate kernel). For uspace, this returns nonzero when the running kernel indicates it is capable of realtime performance. If rtapi_app is not setuid root, this returns nonzero even though rtapi_app will not be able to obtain realtime scheduling or hardware access, so e.g., attempting to loadrt a hardware driver will fail.


May be called from non-realtime or from realtime setup code. rtapi_is_realtime() may perform filesystem I/O.


Zero for false, nonzero for true.

2006-10-12 LinuxCNC Documentation