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BOOTLIST(8) Linux on Power Service Tools BOOTLIST(8)


bootlist - update and view the bootlist


/usr/sbin/bootlist -m {normal|service|both} -o|-r
/usr/sbin/bootlist -m {normal|service|both} [-o|-r] -f file
/usr/sbin/bootlist -m {normal|service|both} [-o|-r] <dev_list>


The bootlist command allows users to view and update the system bootlist stored in NVRAM for PowerPC-64 machines. To update the list of boot devices one or more boot devices can be specified directly or read from a file. This list of devices may be specified as either logical device names or the full Open Firmware device path. The bootlist command uses the ofpathanme script to convert between logical device names and Open Firmware device paths, and the nvram command to update the stored boot list.

If a list of devices is not specified, or the -o or -r options are specified, the current boot list stored in nvram is displayed.


-m normal|service|both
Required; specify whether the normal or service mode boot list should be viewed/updated. Specifying "both" will update the normal and service mode boot lists.
Display the current boot list entries as logical device names.
Display the current boot list entries as Open Firmware device path names (default).
-f file
Read the bootlist device names from file, one entry per line.
A space-separated list of devices, specified as logical device names or OF device path names, depending on whether the -o or -r option is specified.


View the normal mode boot list as logical device names:
    /usr/sbin/bootlist -o -m normal
Update the service mode boot list:
    /usr/sbin/bootlist -o -m service /dev/sda3 /dev/cdrom


Written by Nathan Fontenot


ofpathname(8), nvram(8)
May 2013 Linux